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Keeping you safe

We know that many of us are looking to resource ourselves at this challenging time with holidays and nurturing events but that travelling also raises many concerns for our guests.


We are committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience at The French Retreat.


We follow all the protocols set out by the French government for the cleaning and preparing the space here.


We offer single rooms as standard. 

The large group room allows for social distancing.


All meals can be and usually are taken outside. We have a covered area and lots of tables, dotted around the grounds. 

We recommend that facilitators request a negative covid test before departing from the country of origin for all participants in their workshops. If you are taking a holiday before your retreat and would like to book a test whilst in France you can do so here: or  (Look for covid depistage). You normally get an email or text within 24 hours. Our most convenient test centre is at Pharmacie des Allées in Barbezieux.


My husband and I are triple jabbed and we will be on hand if you feel unwell while you are staying with us. We can take you to the doctor, to hospital and support you in whatever way you need. Our nearest doctors surgery is 2 miles away. 


We will do our best to mitigate any impact.

The British Government have updated their travel advice today here, and the latest information and advice here. There is also very good advice about travel insurance and your rights here.


I shall continue to update you as the situation develops, and please contact me if you have any queries or concerns.

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