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Feedback and Testimonials

Read what others have said about attending a relationship workshop with Matthew and Emma Pruen 

Couple therapy
Enjoying Sunset

Courses for couples

The workshop was outstanding, thank you Emma and Matthew.  Feeling very grateful, and enjoying the instant improvement in our relationship; we already are noticing the change we can create. May 2021


I came away feeling more confident in myself and feeling much more connected and I had some new skills that I understood around communication. B, April 2021


For anyone with a significant relationship, I would recommend this course for the tools and strategies it gives to keep communication open

MRW May 2021


We were looking for a re-set, chance to melt the build-up of bad feelings and to remember what made us a good couple. The sessions gave us that, and the tools are easy to use in the moment when the proverbial is hitting the fan! Amazing facilitation, made all the difference to have an actual couple demonstrating the tools and showing that no relationship is constantly easy. London 2021


How to find the words to thank you. Simply put, you saved our relationship in one gentle, powerful and life-changing weekend. We woke up on the Monday morning so in love. It honestly felt like someone had waved a magic wand. The programme felt so gentle but so profound at the same time. As we listened and shared and did the exercises it was as if the sludge of years of resentment, misunderstandings and being in almost constant stress and power struggle lifted and we finally saw one another clearly from a place of love. And two weeks later that is still going. The tools we learnt were so powerful and easy to use and we’ve been using them ever since and it has transformed our communication. Who knew it could be this simple! Everyone in a relationship needs to do this course. I had high expectations of the course as it came highly recommended and I had heard of Matthew’s wonderful reputation, but I could never expected to have walked away feeling so deeply back on track and in love. Nothing short of miraculous. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you thank you thank you xxx

Courses for Individuals

I felt very safe and held with the Pruens' respectful, compassionate and knowledgeable facilitation.



I found it to be a truly wonderful, enlightening, joyous, humbling and connecting experience. The workshop has left me feeling really excited about putting some of my learning into practise.

Paul Wolstenholme


Thank you for a wonderful workshop experience. As always, the professionalism was outstanding, and the workshop was delivered with great skill, compassion and attention to detail, despite being held via a new online delivery method. Thank you so much! Helen Holwill



I really enjoyed it even though it was not easy at times to look myself in the eye and realise certain things. But such a safe space and superb facilitation.

Casual Meeting
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