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This is the ultimate girls weekend away package!

Colour analysis and image weekends

Image Coaching, Image consultant
Finding your Inner Goddess!


I want you to look and feel great.​ But to me that means whatever your age, lifestyle or dress size. The current obsession with  youth and thinness has no place here where we will celebrate woman in all their forms.


This programme includes colour, image and style consultations from a top image consultant, plus a completely new look at your make up. This weekend will change the way you feel about yourself forever.  


It will give you the confidence and  ability to look and feel better than you ever thought possible.


  • Colour consultation for women – Impressively accurate colour analysis.  It gives you the lifelong skill to choose colours that light up your face and make you look radiantly healthy.

  • Women’s personal style day – Discover the shapes and styles that express your personality and flatter your body. Find new looks that you love, feel fabulous in your own skin.

  • Make-up class – Foolproof make-up tips for glowing skin, sparkling eyes and a gorgeous smile.


This retreat is for a minimum of three and maximum of six people


price: £585 Thursday night-Sunday night (including accommodation and meals) 

Discover the palette that lights you up. Are you cool or warm? Muted or clear? Can you guess which of these women is which palette?
Image Consultant, Coach
Conscious colour and image
Goddess, Colour Image
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