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The Mirror

October 2017


The Mirror is a four day residential workshop which offers life transformation by aligning the self you project outwards with your authentic inner self 


From the first moment we looked into our mother's eyes we started forming opinions about ourselves. Soon afterwards we started hearing the overt and covert messages about how we 'should' be from family, from school friends, from society.


By the time we reached puberty we were being told we were wrong by the media over 500 times per day.


It was hard to love ourselves and for some of those judgements not to stick.

The face we put on for the world, the body we dressed, the self that we presented became increasingly different to the person we knew inside.

If we were lucky as we grew into adulthood we got some help in allowing our authentic 'inside' self to emerge, but so often the 'outside' self got left behind. We look at ourselves with our minds and we look at other people with our eyes, making it virtually impossible to see ourselves when we look in the mirror. This means that even with lots of 'inner work' we can still be presenting a persona that is stuck in the past. 


To discuss whether this course is for you please call Emma on +44 (0) 7508 920583.

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