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With Sophie French, Success Mindset Coach & Business Mentor

The Magic Activation Mastermind is an immersive and intensive 4 days of breakthrough business coaching + strategic support designed to get you out of a rut and into something more like a fairytale. (Just without the Prince Charming, because you have ALL the charm you need.) 

Together, we’ll be fully focused on simplifying + upgrading your entire business so you can get some essential objectivity, clear out the crap, re-discover your core desires, re-ignite your inner fire, and map out an exciting + achievable action plan to bring your most magical life and business to fruition.

Business can feel jump-out-of-bed juicy. You can do work you’re proud of and feel fulfilled when your head hits the cotton pillow each night. And you can get paid generously for the heart, soul, and hot-damn expertise you put in without working all the hours under the sun. (And the moon.)

Take my hand, firecracker, I’m about to show you how.

The Vibe

12 kindred spirits

Sunrise yoga

Confidence coaching

Transformative group chats around the fire

Private strategy sessions

Ideas scribbled in notebooks

Dreaming big

Infectious laughter


Delicious food

Quiet time

Getting shit done

Saltwater pool dips

Mindset training


Angel cards

Releasing inner confidence

French wine

Brand + marketing workshops


Your Magic Activation Plan


“Inspiring, motivating, fulfilling – in a way that you don’t understand until you’ve left. It was an incredible experience. I would 150% recommend this to anyone who is trying to find their way, trying to find that thing that lights their soul on fire. 

I felt amazing, lighter, like I’d let go of a lot of things pulling me back and holding me down – I couldn’t believe I could just let go and not have to worry about or think about ever again. Things I’ve had my nails dug into for years! It was such an uplifting experience - I feel lighter, focused, motivated to make something of myself and share it with others. 

Before the weekend I was floundering, doing work to pay the bills but not feeling excited about my days. Now I feel motivated to change my daily schedule, make choices to suit me better, and incorporate the things that make me happy! 

It was so wonderful to meet like-minded women, in the same place and with the same feelings. I can now call them my soul sisters and it’s so valuable for me. I couldn’t put in into words.”

Sam Hobson, Freelance VA + Photographer ​

Business + life before the Magic Activation Mastermind looks a little lot like this…
  • A diary packed to the brim with calls, doubts, client work, questions, creating social media content, coffee, designing graphics, hiding, writing emails, anxiety, sending proposals out, and avoiding sending proposals out. Being busy and getting paid for it was the dream situation when you started your business a year or two ago... wasn’t it? Funny, because there seems to be zero time left for enjoying life.

  • A wave of overwhelm every time you even glance at your to-do list. Sometimes, it even makes your stomach sink. When did that fierce fire for your work turn into more of a flicker?

  • A million ideas fizzing away in your head and not knowing where to start with any of them. So you either do nothing, even though you know one of them would take your business to that next level… or you try to start them all! Congratulations, that’s a surefire way to frazzle yourself.

  • A deep feeling that *something* needs to change in your business, but you’re not sure what. Or how. Or even why... How the heck do you make change happen without burning everything that’s good to the ground?

  • A mean voice in your head saying “that won’t work, you twit,” “they’re soooo much better than you, you can’t even compare so why bother,” “they seriously have their shit together and all you’ve done today is scroll through Instagram in your pyjamas,” and, of course, “who do you think you are???”

  • A crippling inability to pursue what you really want because that mean voice is stopping you, or you’ve got so caught up in what the internet says you “should” do that you’ve forgotten what you actually want to do.

  • A wish that you could foster deeper connections with other like-minded women who have the very same overwhelm, the very same voices in their head, the very same feeling that *something* needs to change, and the very same wish to foster deeper connections with other like-minded women.

Sound about right? Here’s the thing. Without the fire in your belly or the spark in your eye, it’s not going to be long before you burn out altogether. (If you haven’t already.)

You’re getting FED UP with being overwhelmed, talking to yourself unkindly, constantly holding yourself back, and feeling more and more confused.

You want to be FIRED UP with clarity on what’s next and how to get there, human connections that spark your inspiration, and tummy-flipping confidence about what you’re truly capable of. Because, babe, you’re capable of VOLCANIC things.

So let’s make them happen, pronto.

“It was life-changing. I left feeling like the best version of myself. Signing up for the retreat was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.”

— - Verity Gaida, Freelance Writer & Blogger

Business + life AFTER the Magic Activation Mastermind looks more like this…
  • Waking up with soul-sizzling motivation for what your day involves – and it involves waaaaay more white space and relaxation than ever before. Hustle? What hustle? There’s only harmony now. YOU run your business, your business doesn’t run you.

  • The sharpest clarity on what’s next for your business and how to focus on that ONE thing so you see results faster, but still at your own natural pace. You’re still in disbelief over how simple and exciting navigating aligned change is. Feeling stuck is so last season.

  • Talking to yourself like a best friend. Unwavering belief… encouraging support… courageous truths. You’re your own biggest fan now and somehow releasing yourself from the comparison trap makes you feel UNSTOPPABLE.  

  • Deeply understanding what your superpowers are, how to confidently communicate them to your people in an irresistible way, and how to make more money from them without taking on more clients.

  • Working ONLY with clients you adore, doing work you adore, and earning money that allows you to do and have things you adore. Soul-sucking conversations and activities? Gone. Calendar of dream clients and bulging bank balance? Your new normal.

  • Connecting on a seriously beautiful soul-level with women who just get you and who you know have your back from now until forever. How you managed without this support system before, you’ll never know. You just thank the stars you have it now.

  • Yes, the Magic Activation Mastermind is about business AND life. Because one’s blood runs straight through the other. When you feel on top of the world, shining bright like a diamond and feeling like Rihanna in her underpants, business erupts with opportunity, life is full of pinch-me moments, and it all blends together into a cocktail of deliciousness. Much like an Espresso Martini. (There will definitely be a few of those in France.)


The Brilliant Retreat:
Human Design-centred business building
18-22 May  

With Jackie Johnstone, Human Design Business Consultant


"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

In this era of influencers and internet marketers, it's easy to chase someone else's success and think that by doing it just the same way they've done it, you'll get the same results.

But if you've ever tried this (consciously or unconsciously!), you know what it feels like: hard, inauthentic, uncertain, and like you're constantly coming up short.

And yet you keep telling yourself you just need to work harder, or take another course, or fix your mindset.

When what you really need to is to be more YOU. You are insanely capable -- when you're not trying to be a fish that's climbing a tree!

The hours you work, the rhythm of your days and weeks, the way you communicate, the offers you make, the way you market and sell -- all of it should be YOU. And looking at it through the lens of your Human Design, the unique genetic blueprint that showcases the energy and strengths you were born with, allows you to see it clearly and start using it to your advantage.

As a business owner, if you aren't working with your unique energy, using the strengths you were born with and following your inner wisdom you're probably fighting:

Frustration. Fear. Exhaustion. Resistance. Self doubt. Procrastination. Disappointment. Anger. Bitterness. Burnout.

And one-size-fits-all business building advice, courses and programs just keep telling you how to climb that tree and fail to take YOU into account.

Enough. It's time to jump into the water where you belong and start experiencing:

Satisfaction. Flow. Creativity. Delight. Peace. Energy. Confidence. Success. Ease.

Whether this is the first you’re hearing of Human Design, or you’ve been in your experiment for a while now, this retreat will give you radical permission to be YOU in your business, empowered to trust and believe in yourself, inspired to create big things in the world and connected to a community of like-minded, like-spirited business owners to grow and celebrate with.

Why "The Brilliant Retreat?"

Because you are Brilliant, in both senses of the word: brightly shining AND exceptionally talented.

And my deepest desire and mission is to help you realize just how insanely capable you are once you start doing business as YOU, according to your unique Design and Decision-Making Strategy.

Because seeing your own Brilliance = unshakeable confidence = big action, big trust and big results ❤️❤️❤️ #goosebumps


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