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Coming to stay at The French Retreat

The next dedicated private retreat week is 13th-20th July.


If you join us this week there will be complementary yoga classes and meditation sessions, as well as an in-house complementary therapist available for a full range of treaments.


We aim to make your visit to The French Retreat life changing.


Whether you are coming to find something new or leave something behind, you can be sure of a nurturing and peaceful space, where you will be beautifully cared for.


There are a number of classes, courses and workshops you could join if you would like the company of others, or if you are looking for solitude there is ample opportunity for one-to-one care: be it physical or emotional. There are a range of therapists and practitioners that work at The French Retreat and we would love to plan the programme that is exactly right for you.


You are also welcome to extend your stay after a course, to simply rest, relax, lie by the pool and enjoy the countryside. You can choose to have all meals provided or eat out in local restaurants. We are very flexible.


Do get in touch to discuss your plans as some courses are closed and we are unable to accept visitors while the course is going on.


Click on the links below to find out more.


Course and workshop programme


Room booking


Price list




What to expect


How to get here



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