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Pilates and Relaxation Retreat
12-17 Sept

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Siu Ling Jamieson

This Pilates retreat in South West France at the end of September offers a serene escape into lush green fields surrounded by vineyards. Guests can rejuvenate their bodies and minds by participating in daily Pilates classes and workshops, surrounded by breathtaking views of the rolling French countryside. The weather is expected to be warm and sunny, perfect for outdoor activities like walking, cycling, and lying by the salt-water pool. In the evenings, guests can relax and unwind with a glass of local wine while enjoying the stunning sunsets and star filled skies. The retreat provides comfortable accommodation, healthy and delicious local food, and opportunities for discovering rural France. It's an ideal getaway for anyone seeking a combination of wellness, relaxation, and exploring the world capital of wine.


Afternoon tea/ snacks and refreshments on arrival

6pm Dinner

9-9.30 Relaxation Class



07.30 Breakfast

09.30 - 10.40 Pilates

10.40 Relaxation/free time

12.30 Lunch

1.30 - 6pm Free time/ Indian Head Massage to be booked and paid advance

6pm Dinner

9- 9.30pm Relaxation class


Monday 2nd Oct

7.30 Breakfast

9am walk to local French  Market in Chalais

12.30 Lunch

4- 5pm Pilates

6pm Dinner

9- 9.30pm Relaxation


On Departure day 

8.00 Breakfast

10 - 11 Pilates

12 Lunch

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