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The Heart of Relationships

A unique retreat for people looking for the best possible relationship full of intimacy, trust, optimism and fulfilment.


This will be especially supportive for people who feel stuck in repeating patterns of failed communication, blame and breakdown of trust.

It is open to anyone of any gender, in or out of relationship, with or without their partner. No previous experience is required, just open-hearted curiosity and the willingness to find meaningful breakthrough in any areas which have become stuck.

COST £599 (or €699) per person to include


  • Course fees

  • Three nights shared en-suite accommodation

  • All meals and refreshments

  • Airport transfers

More about the retreat 

We cover:


• what a good relationship really can be

• where your experience of  relationship needs support

• understanding the unconscious/historic element of our relationships

• how we get into, and more importantly out of, deadlock in 

• what intimacy really is and how to cultivate it

• understanding the fundamental personality types and how they play out in relationship

• map out the repeating patterns of your relationship history and plot a way out

• give your communication skills a powerful overhaul

• how we give and receive love in different ways

• what we need to do to get ourselves fit for a positive experience of relationship (current of future)

• the hidden dynamics which we've inherited from our family of origin explored using Systemic and Family Constellations

The Heart of Relationships

700,00 €Prix
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