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Emma as facilitator

Emma has been self-esteem enhancement mentor since the early 90's, back when a coach was just a method of transport and workshops were for mechanics. Latterly she trained as a Shamanic Practitioner, adding magical and mystical tools to her repertoire. She has also been journalist specialising in Mind Body Spirit issues, breaking stories on new areas of self-development work. This work has given her an exceptional overview of the options and possibilities open to people wishing to overcome the past and create incredible futures. 
Self Esteem Work


'The Power of Self Esteem' course gives you a natural way to be at your best in life, without driving yourself or generating unnecessary stress.


There is a good reason why we do not expect to be at our best on an everyday basis, and it springs from a lifelong habit of viewing external results as a measure of our inner worth and attaching our self-es- teem to our ability to be the way we think others want us to be.


The course shows you ways to maintain your own sense of yourself, no matter what may be hap- pening around you at the time. You are able to access your creative inner potential, make more effec- tive course corrections, and use critical feedback to your own advantage. And you develop deeper connections with all those who are close to you, together with a way of being that constantly affirms their own self esteem.


Self esteem is our idea of our own basic worth, and it has its roots in our childhood. Early on, our sense of value is associated with the pos- itive regard of others, or linked with our achievements. We may accomplish much in later life, yet feel dissatisfied because our self esteem still depends on our success or failure.


The Power of Self Esteem shows you how to identify this deeply-rooted system of beliefs, and develop a new awareness of who, and what, you really are.


It will transform the way you express yourself in the world. Instead of struggling to deal with unconscious demands about the way you ought to be, you become free to be as you are. 


The Power of Self Esteem is taught in a warm and supportive atmosphere. It is normally offered in small groups, and its skills are practical and simple. The cost of the course varies with the location. please get in touch for more information.


Shamanic Work

Soul Retrieval Retreat


Soul retrieval is an ancient shamanic method to restore ourselves to wholeness. 


We've all been traumatised to a greater or lesser degree throughout our lives. and the shock that accompanies this can result in some loss of your soul.


 The technique for healing soul loss is called soul-retrieval. This shamanic method is to go searching for that lost portion of the soul and restore it.


I work over four sessions, and this retreat allows for a daily session, usually not lasting more than an hour each. The rest of the time is free for you to relax and integrate the healing. 





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