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"A HUGE thank you to Emma Pruen and Matthew Pruen for their wonderful, generous and delicious hosting at The French Retreat. Slept like a log and feasted like a Queen. Wonderful. Highly recommended!"


Donna Lancaster, Founder & Facilitator of The Bridge

I just want to let the whole world know that my experience of running a very deep and transformational leadership retreat last week at The French Retreat was incredible, made so by the hosts Emma and Matthew who held space, cooked for us and were constantly there in the background. Nothing was too much trouble and having years of experience in this world, I have never experienced such wonderful, loving holding which I have no doubt was a major factor in the places the participants went too and the deep shifts they had. I can't recommend The French Retreat highly enough. I just hope I can get a slot in their diary in the future as there is nowhere else I can imagine working in this way again. Thank you Emma and Matthew from the bottom of my heart.


Teresa Barnes, Facilitator GarfieldBarnes

Marion Bevington speaks about The French Retreat from from 0:48



"Stunning place, beautiful people, the location is so tranquil and OMG the FOOD! Mmmmm"


Marion Bevington, Award winning Professional Speaker Coach, Teacher, Trainer and founder of Corporate Yoga London and Stage Fright Away

"The venue was amazing! Our hosts were so hospitable and the food was excellent. The rooms were ideal and we were disconnected enough to truly take our minds to a new, calming place!"


“The venue was the perfect location for The Academy – taking us away from the day to day and placing us in a calm, quite environment. The owners were very warm, welcoming, and provided us with fantastic food! They made us feel at home and allowed us to be part of theirs.


“Calm, quiet, peaceful, great environment to disconnect and be fully immersed in the Academy. Also nice to have the pool ... to unwind, and the country setting to go for a run or walk to unwind.


“Venue was absolutely amazing! Starting with rooms, through to work space, beautiful surrounding and finishing with lovely hosts which have made us feel like at home."


Starcom Media Group Academy Participants

"The French Retreat is the perfect spot for a restorative break in an idyllic rustic setting."

                                                         Luxury Travel Diary

"There was something so peaceful about the converted farm house retreat centre. Every detail just helped you relax and feel at home. The salt water pool was a wonderful way to start the day, the shady lime tree filled with birdsong was a beautiful place to dine. Special mention must go to the superb food, lovingly prepared by our expert, attentive hosts Matthew and Emma. What a delight to be served such fragrant, tasty and deliciously fresh food all week." 


Renira Barclay, Therapist and Coach, Sussex


“The setting of The French Retreat near Bordeaux was just fantastic. Matthew and Emma served endless delicious meals for us. Nothing was ever too much trouble.”


Meryl, Lincolnshire

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