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Guitar Adventurers 24-30 April

A week long musical holiday with Richard Durrant: Guitar Circuit Training, Individual and Group sessions and an end of week gig.


Last summer’s French Guitar Adventurers was a great success. Everyone enjoyed working on their guitars each day and preparing for the end of week concert which made it into the local papers. See what they said about us here.​


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Please contact Louise Durrant here if you are interested in participating.

Flash Fiction 28 June - 5 July 2025

Do you dream of uninterrupted days to write in a  beautiful location? Do you long to meet, be mentored by, and network with other writers? Are you enamoured with flash fiction and want to learn more or refine your work?

We give professional and aspiring writers, struggling to create amidst the everyday demands of life, the gift of time, community, instruction, and the opportunity to reconnect with your own imagination and sense of possibility so you can confidently bring the work inside you to fruition.

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Burning Love: Mandala Magic Retreat 6-11 July 2025

A Heart-Opening Mandala Magic Retreat 

of creative practice and community connections to nourish your soul, activate your expansive imagination and spark your creative fire.

Together, we will create practical magic in an environment dedicated to supporting your needs through transformative practice and radical non-doing.

Burning Love is a retreat designed to meet your bone-deep, cellular-level requirement for pleasure.

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