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Receiving a Reiki treatment 


Receiving a REIKI treatment is a very simple, non-intrusive but powerful process normally lasting about one hour.  It can be given to the recipient lying down, fully clothed on a treatment bed but this is not essential.  For example sitting in a chair or in a hospital bed still allows the practitioner to give an effective treatment. It can be hands on or hands off, your total comfort is of primary importance. 

The first time you plan to have a REIKI treatment allow extra time as you will find the practitioner will need to ask you about your general medical condition which is called Contraindications, this will help you to discuss any particular problems, physical or emotional that you may wish to address during the Reiki treatment.

The number of treatments needed depends on the root cause of the problems and the amount of Reiki energy required to restoring the wellbeing of the recipient. You will be able to initiate this wonderful ability to regenerate your own energy with the help of a fully qualified Reiki therapist.

What you will experience during a treatment is a pleasant sensation of deep warmth and possibly a gentle tingling or gentle pressure in the area (s) being treated.  As the energy comes into balance, stress and tensions are released and replaced with a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. It is the ultimate form of relaxation.


We also offer Reiki Massages, which is working with the flow of your own energy and balancing it within the parts of the body needing a gentle relaxing massage. Please do not hesitate to contact our practitioer Cher for more information on any of the treatments offered.


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