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Matthew as been a self development facilitator for the last ten years and work with teams and groups across Europe and the Middle East from the European Commission, Brussels; Wealth Management Businesses; Middle East Peace Initiatives to restaurants, families and workshop groups. He is a supervising teacher for the Hoffman Process, run an Advanced Psychosocial Teacher Training programme in Lebanon and deliver the Healing the Wounds of History programme. Before that ran award winning restaurants in Bristol, although the original plan was to be an artist. You can read read more about Matthew and his work at


Emma's path has been equally eclectic. She is currently on surname number three, (Emma Macpherson, Emma Amyatt-Leir and Emma Pruen are just three versions of her in the multiverse).She's an enneagram 2 with a 1 wing, an ENFP, a Dramatic Winter,  an Aquarian with Moon in Cancer - according to the astrologers: 'a kind-hearted rebel', 'a paradox' and 'eccentric ideas blessed with the common touch', all true as you'll see from her career trajectory. She started work in the fashion industry, followed by becoming an image coach and self-esteem counsellor, founding and running a mind, body spirit magazine, as a spin doctor for the Green Party. and in the last decade training and running self-development workshops using Systemic & Family Constellations. Visit her website here or read her blog here.




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