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types of retreats


9-14 April             Hoffman Process Easter Retreat

23-30 April         Guitar School with Richard Durrant

19-23 May           Yoga Retreat with Marion Rollings

4-7 June              Heart of Relationships Retreat with Matthew & Emma Pruen 

9-12 June            Balance, Breath, Believe Menopause and Yoga Retreat with Lucy Thompson

15-19 June            Yoga Retreat with Anna Coates

23-26 June         Menopause Unleashed Retreat with Menopause Coach Laura Shuckburgh

27 June-3 July    Flash Fiction Writing Retreat with Kathy Fish and Nancy Stohlman

8-15 July               Yoga Retreat with Claire Hawkins

24-29 July           Yoga Retreat with Nancy West

31 July-5 August Hoffman Process Summer Retreat

1-6 September     Pilates Retreat with Claire Hawkins

19-24 September Pilates Retreat with Debs West

28 September - 4 October Pilates Retreat with Siu Ling Jamieson

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