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12-20 February Hoffman Process (in French)

23-28  March     Educate your head (in French)

3-8 April             Easter Hatha Yoga Retreat with Jane Manze

9 -13 April         The Magic Activation Mastermind Retreat with Sophie French


19-23  April        The Hoffman Process Spring Retreat with Matthew Pruen and Emma Pruen

3-7 May              Sacred Rest Retreat with Rhiannon Griffiths

7-10 May            Making Relationships Work: Couples Retreat with Matthew Pruen and Emma Pruen 


11-18 May          Watercolour Painting Retreat with artist Michele Illing 

18-22 May          The Brilliant Retreat - Human Design-centred business building

5-12 June            Flash Fiction Writing Retreat with With Kathy Fish and Nancy Stohlman

17-23 June          Real Life Yoga Retreat with Nancy West

25 June-2 July    Yoga and Dance (taught in Russian) with Katerina ​

5-9 July                Sacred Rest Retreat with Rhiannon Griffiths 


12-18 July           Guitar Summer School with Richard Durrant

19 July-2 Aug     Yoga Flow Academy Teacher Training with Daniel Recomio 

2-8 Aug               Serenity Retreat with Saucy Yoga

24-30 Aug           Dive into Life Art Holiday with Johanna Berger

7-12 Sept            Restore and Renew Yoga Retreat with Kari Zabel


13-17 Sept          Sacred Rest Retreat with Rhiannon Griffiths

19-25 Sept          Guitar School with Richard Durrant

27 Sept - 4 Oct   Art Retreat with Dennis Perrin


10-15 Oct            Hoffman Process Autumn Retreat with Matthew Pruen and Emma Macpherson

Click on the video to see what what Rhiannon loved about The French Retreat.


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