types of retreats


29 May-1 June  The Couples Course with Matthew Pruen (Private, i.e. open to one couple only)

11-18 June          Vinyasa Flow and Yin & Yang Yoga Retreat with Claire Wilkinson

30  June-4 July Hatha Yoga Retreat with Anna Coates

10-17 July           Guitar Summer School with Richard Durrant

17-24 July           Hoffman Process (in French)

25-30 July          Summer Retreat with Matthew and Emma Pruen

25-29 August    The Heart of Relationships with Matthew & Emma Pruen

2-7 Sept              Pilates Retreat with Claire Hawkins


11-18 Sept           Guitar Summer School with Richard Durrant

23-26 Sept        Yoga and Wellness Retreat with Bodhi & Soul

7-10 Sept            Feminine Circle Retreat with Martha Chisolm

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