Courses and Workshops


We host a range of events at The French Retreat, most of which are open to all. Please pick up the phone (07508 920583) if you'd like to know more or discuss what might be suitable. Courses are taught in English unless otherwise shown.


17-31 March      Yoga Flow Academy Teacher Training with Daniel Recomio 

2-7 April             The Magic Activation Mastermind Retreat with Sophie French

9-14 April           Easter Hatha Yoga Retreat with Jane Manze

19-23 April         Brilliant by Design Authentic Business Development Training

27 April-1 May  Sacred Rest Retreat with Rhiannon Griffiths

29 May-5 June   Yoga and Dance (In Russian)

7-13 June            Flash Fiction Retreat

15-20 June          The Hoffman Process Summer Retreat with Matthew Pruen and Emma Macpherson

22-27 June          Real Life Yoga Retreat

29 June-3 July     Sacred Rest Retreat with Rhiannon Griffiths

6-12 July              Guitar Summer School with Richard Durrant

13-18 July            Flow and Restore Yoga Retreat with Claire Hawkins

21-24 July            Making Relationships Work: Couples Retreat with Matthew Pruen and Emma Macpherson

27 July-2 Aug      Yoga Retreat with Kari Zabel

25-31 Aug           Dive into Life Art Holiday with Johanna Berger

3-10  Sept           Yoga retreat Elaine Fletcher

14-18 Sept          Sacred Rest Retreat with Rhiannon Griffiths

21-27 Sept          Guitar School with Richard Durrant

12-17 Oct           Hoffman Process Autumn Retreat with Matthew Pruen and Emma Macpherson

Making Relationships Work: 
Get your relationship back on track
with Matthew and Emma Pruen

A three day workshop for a maximum of ten couples. 


Overview: A 3-day workshop for individuals and couples who want to enhance their communications skills, their capacity for intimacy* and to truly thrive in relationship.


The three days of teaching will include: 


• understanding the unconscious/historic element of our relationships

• understanding the fundamental personality types

• meeting our needs and the needs of others

• skilful communication - and understanding how we comfort/punish ourselves and others

• letting go of past grievances

• visioning a positive future

• trusting our intuition

• retreat time and self-care including massages


*for the purposes of our work, we define intimacy as the ability to share our experience of life with each other without agenda*.


The intention of the course is to get couples re-connected by clear communication, being truly heard, and rebuilding respect, trust and intimacy.


It is available to all couples seeking to enhance their lives together through experiential learning and replicable tools to taking home and use whenever obstacles arise. No previous experience is required, just an open-hearted curiosity and the willingness to find meaningful breakthrough in any areas that have become stuck in your relationship.


The price for the course is £299 per person (non residential) or

fully residential £599 per person or £995 per couple 

To find out more please email us.

Guitar Adventurers:
Guitar Training with Richard Durrant 
Hoffman French Retreat
with Matthew and Emma Pruen 

A week long musical holiday with Richard Durrant: Guitar Circuit Training, Individual and Group sessions and an end of week gig.


Last summer’s French Guitar Adventurers was a great success. Everyone enjoyed working on their guitars each day and preparing for the end of week concert which made it into the local papers. See what they said about us here.


Richard and Louise are very excited to be returning to France next year and can’t wait to see how a lovely bunch of guitarists and friends respond to a week of music making and Circuit Training in the French sunshine.


Please contact Louise on if you are interested in participating.

Are looking to connect to the life your spiritual self is calling for; to get more out of life by doing less or to find your own inner magic? Have found that your acts of spiritual initiative such as to get fit, write your novel or launch that brilliant business idea have been accompanied by resistance? Then this course is for you. 


Led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Matthew Pruen and Self-Esteem Mentor and Shamanic Practitioner Emma Pruen, you will have the opportunity to work though your resistance, deepen your connection to your spiritual self, gain inner confidence and build the community to help keep you on the ‘right road’. To book tel: 07508 920583 or email