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Personal Development Workshops

2 people discovering themselves
Hoffman Process (in French)
6-13 July

Une thérapie intégrative sous forme de travail en groupe. Elle est basée sur une méthode structurée, claire et accessible à tous. Le Processus Hoffman a pour but de reconquérir la capacité d'aimer profondément et d'entretenir des relations saines avec le monde environnant. Ce développement personnel et spirituel passe par la réconciliation avec les parents et sa propre histoire.  Bien qu'entouré par un groupe plein d'énergie et de vitalité, chaque participant trouve sa place protégée pour son travail confidentiel sur sa biographie individuelle.                                  Continuez


Emma & Matthew Pruen

Hoffman Graduate Retreat (in English)
28 June-4 July


Have you found that promises you made to yourself since you finished the Hoffman Process have fallen by the wayside?
Have your great intentions – like getting fit, writing your novel or launching that brilliant business idea – been accompanied by resistance, self-sabotage, overwhelm or frustration?
Would you like to get more out of life, and connect to the future your Spiritual Self knows you deserve?

Then this course is for you.    Read more


constellating IMG_0247.jpg

Systemic and Family Constellations Retreat
(in English)
10-12 October 2025


Developed by Bert Hellinger, Systemic Family Constellations serve to uncover the background of failure, illness, disorientation, addictions, aggression, attempted suicide and much more.

Family & systemic constellations are useful wherever there is an urgent need for action or where counselling, or other therapies have failed to bring resolution to an ongoing issue.

If you are struggling to shift something, or you recognise a pattern that appears to reoccur in your family through generations, you have health issues that have not been resolved through normal routes, your children have emotional or behavioural problems where you cannot find a root cause or solution then constellations could be for you.

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