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A-void-ance Issues : getting in the flow

We are bombarded with instructions to fill up our lives: create an event on Facebook and invite your friends, exercise for 30 minutes, eat your 5 a day, get your body beach beautiful. In the minutes since I’ve started writing, Oxfam have emailed me to ask if I’m ready to party, my local health clinic has invited me to five different Tai Chi, Yoga and mediation classes and my library has asked me to a board games club. How about if I suggested the most important thing you can do is not more but less: to hollow out some time for emptiness.

We need emptiness to be creative. And ‘being creative’ is the closest I’ve come to encapsulating the meaning of life. When we are full up there is no time to listen and hear what bubbles up from our depths, from the empty spaces within us. To feel the spark of inspiration.

I’m inviting you today to connect to your body and your inner power place. To take a journey to your inner cavern.

Each month women of a certain age already create inner space through menstruation. Your body undergoes it’s own cycle of creating a safe space, awaiting the seed of inspiration, and clearing out what is no longer necessary. But for so many of us this process continues in spite of our best efforts to ignore it and its gifts.

How about instead of treating it as a curse, use this time to connect not just with your own earth: your body, but the deeper earth beneath us.

Do you menstruate on the new moon and ovulate on the full moon or are your out of synch with with the rhythms of nature? If that’s the case you are making life hard for yourself - not allowing the earth and it’s cycles to support you, but pushing against the grain.

Take a few minutes to consciously connect to the earth today, put your bare feet on the grass, or in the river or sea. If you live in a city ritually put your hands or feet into water and intend that you reconnect with your source, your nature; visualise roots coming from your feet, through the foundations of the building you are in and into the deep, warm inviting earth beneath.

If you do this regularly you will notice yourself becoming more aligned with all of your multifaceted soul, within and without; feel supported by the universe and be in the flow.

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